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tv   Channel 13 News at 10  NBC  November 22, 2015 10:30pm-10:40pm CST

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out route. >> al: dalton 277 yards. the 32 yard line. pump fakes. nobody's there except linemen. pressure put on by minter. second down and ten. >> cris: good recognition by ka lay campbell. not always physical feats that win the day. he recognized the screen, jumps out in front of bernard and nowhere to throw the ball. >> al: at the 32. powers covers green. at the bottom of the screen. dalton throwing deep. and incomplete. flag is down. >> cris: powers just went right to the throat of a.j. green.
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>> al: as usual volkswagen postgame follows. bob, tony and mike breaking it down. a look to thursday night in green bay. first things first. first and ten. 37 yard line. cards 18 straight gains. they've won with a -- make it 28. longest current streak in the league. they keep that one rolling. bernard gets away. he's inside the 40. and to the 32 yard line. and already cincinnati in field goal range but thinking about a lot more right now. >> cris: good shake and bake right there by giovani bernard, one on one against kevin minter. minter can get him coming out when he has to block him.
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but the other side, equally a mismatch. giovani bernard. you just wonder are they going to start thinking about too many blitzes. >> al: 30 yard gain. dalton goes over 300 yards. on the sideline intended for green. recovered there by bethel. second down. nugent keeping warm on the sideline. >> cris: mike nugent's not been one of the most consistent kickers. any more if your not over 0.500 you're not any good. >> al: peterson just can't get back in. second down and ten at the 33. game clock at three.
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catch about three yards shy of the first down. >> cris: well, there you are. now you've got the big moment in the game because you picked this up. you can basically control the clock the rest of the way out. if you don't, you got to try a long field goal. >> al: third and two. down the sideline and broken up and incomplete. bethel was there, got a hand on it. green is pleading his case. >> cris: a.j. green jchltj. green is on it. hit the pylon, though. >> al: bethel is there. he winds up with the ball. everything goes flying there. >> cris: yep. >> al: bounced off his shoulder pad, and then he's out.
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now big kick. >> al: so this will be a 43 yard attempt. cincinnati bench trying to get new york to look at it, but they already have. now you've got the play clock running out. did they get a time-out. >> referee: second charged time-out. >> al: they did. >> referee: 30 second time-out. >> al: you had the bench saying look at the green play, which they did. >> cris: once you kick that pylon, though, it takes care of that. peterson, nobody more competitive than that guy. here he is with the game on the line and he can't participate. >> al: everything flying around there, pylon, stuff inside the pylon
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pylon. 43 yard attempt to tie the game. kevin huber holds. mike nugent from 43. and that will tie the game with 63 seconds. arizona will get the ball, but they will not have a time-out. >> cris: like how do you practice for a three-foot putt to win the masters? you get in these situations, you're the hero or the fwoet. that was a really solid kick by nugent. >> al: 31-31. back come the bengals. no wax wings for these guys tonight. >> cris: now you know carson
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he's going to have an opportunity. not an easy one without the time-outs. but this is a sophisticated offense and carson palmer a veteran player has been brilliant in these situations so far this year. >> al: bidwell, president of the team, steve keim, the gm. mike brown on the other side. all these guys through the wringer tonight. >> cris: wonder if mike had those ear plugs in when he was talking to carson palmer? >> al: that's good question. . and the kick. run back by david johnson. good coverage.
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you can bring it back only to the 16 yard line peerman gets the tackle. 68 seconds and no time-outs. >> cris: you want to go down and get the field goal and win this game, but at the same time you don't want to take too many big chances. this is a time when maybe an andre ellington coming out of the backfield, get a couple of drive starters going, then hustle to the line of scrimmage. he is sort of their giovani bernard. >> al: ellington in the backfield. palmer. over the middle. out to the 34 yard line. j.j. nelson makes the catch on his breakout night. hustle to the line of scrimmage. to the 35 yard line. fires.
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